The future of work is hybrid

your security to protect the new workforce.

Adapt your workplace safety and security procedures to address the hybrid workforce. Bring employees in safely and securely with a combination of visitor management and space booking solutions to support granular capacity management and spacing needs.

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Hybrid working

The change in how we work in the office needs to be reflected in how we manage workforce security.

As businesses embrace hybrid work models, the workplace atmosphere is evolving. Infrequent employees aren’t always assigned offices or desks, while contingent workers and contractors may require permanent access to certain facilities. The rules are changing so you need to facilitate access, not only to buildings, but to specific facilities only when needed.

Integrated space booking solutions extend your workforce security to ensure guests have the space they need, at a safe distance from each other, to be the most productive, whenever they are in the office.

Invite workforce

Treating employees like guests instills confidence in your health and safety strategy.

A hybrid workforce brings new security concerns to the table — how do you maintain safety standards with a dynamic workforce on a flexible schedule with changing facility requirements? In this new hybrid context, everyone’s a guest. Security focused organizations now may require pre-registration of employees and even additional screening measures, before they enter the workplace as a way to mitigate the risks this hybrid workforce poses.

Security leaders need visibility into the people coming into their facilities on any given day — whether traditional visitor, contractor, or hybrid employee — and need to know where they’re working, and who they’re working with.

Why are employers pre-registering employees?

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Hot deskingEmployees can select the desk, workspace, office, or boardroom (with appropriate facilities) they need for the day in order to complete their work through space booking solutions with defined workspaces for employees to select.

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Compliance screeningHybrid employees are different and the compliance approaches of old may not be sufficient. With flexible employment structures, the requirement for compliance screening – uploading additional documentation, site-specific certifications, NDA updates, etc – becomes a new/ongoing concern.

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Pre-entry safety educationVideos and documentation around safety procedures can be added to pre-registration giving employees access to vital information before they gain entry.

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Capacity managementIf regulated capacity limits are in place employers are required to stay under them, so knowing how many people intend to be at your facility at any given time will help manage that capacity and how many people can book space in your facility.

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Space Management

Understanding why and when employees are coming to the office will increase productivity and security.

Since not all employees are returning to the office simultaneously, knowing when they are coming, how often, and what purpose enables employers to utilize their workspace more efficiently and increase the security for the entire workforce. Hybrid working environments require employers to consider their space utilization, maintain capacity limits, and configure workplace schedules to allow employees to enter the workplace safely, access safe and spaced areas, and be productive. Greater insight into why employees are coming to work and where they are working will enable employers to better decide the type of space they need and the security policies they need to put in place.

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Workforce Security Platform

Visitor management and space booking are essential parts of any return to office strategy.

As employees return to the office, they want to be confident that it is safe and secure. The new hybrid working environment allows them to come into the workplace when they need to be there. Through Sign In Enterprise’s Workforce Security Platform and partnerships with space booking solutions, they know they are entering into a safe environment.

Self-serve registrationInvite your employees to the office and have them complete registration through the dynamic registration portal. Complete NDAs, watchlist screening, and other requirements before receiving a QR code for safe entry.

Integrated Space bookingSign In Enterprise has partnered with leading enterprise space booking solutions including Office Space, Condeco, and others, to provide solutions for employees to find and book workspaces that they need when returning to the office.

Touch less entryEmployees can sign-in using ZeroTouch and the generated QR code they received after registration for quick and safe entry into any facility.

Manage capacity limitsAs your hybrid workforce moves in and out of your office, gain insight into how many people are actually on-site with real-time capacity management capabilities to ensure you are meeting capacity regulations.

Access control integrationDeny entry to office spaces with access control integrations, by requiring employees to complete the proper registration, space booking, and other screening stages before gaining entry.

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