Visitor management: More than just an iPad app

As organizations return to the workplace with flexible hybrid models, visitor management systems that can keep not just visitors, but employees and contractors safe, have become mission-critical. 

A simple tablet sign-in tool is no longer sufficient. 

Organizations need to think out-of-the-box. Robust configurations are necessary to address multiple, ever-changing, and location-specific requirements. And solutions need to provide integrated access to a plethora of other back-end systems—access control, space booking, federal watchlists, HRIS, etc.—to create a seamless user experience. In this session, we explore the Sign In Enterprise Workforce Security Platform including:

  • Managing the complete onsite lifecycle of people entering and exiting a workplace
  • Reducing workforce risk, by ensuring procedure and policy compliance for everyone on site
  • Engaging the extended/hybrid workforce before, during and after any onsite presence
  • Leveraging low-code tools to build unique integrations and automate processes
  • Building security program credibility by delivering valuable insights into operational efficiencies, and facility safety 


Https://signinenterprise.com/wp content/uploads/Ryan Canby 1.jpg
Ryan Canby
Solutions Engineer, Sign In Enterprise
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Roger Lall
VP Product Marketing, Sign In Enterprise
Visitor management: More than just an iPad app
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