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Standardize workforce
security across multiple locations.

Create a standard visitor experience across your entire organization and formalize your visitor entry process to achieve greater visibility at all locations.

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All-in-One Visitor Management System

Standardize the visitor experience with Sign In Enterprise.

To keep your workforce secure, while offering your security team greater control over security measures at all locations, standardize your visitor entry process with Sign In Enterprise’s Workforce Security Platform. Give your security leaders the visibility into each location, while ensuring compliance standards are always met.

Watchlist screeningWith internal and external watchlist screening, limit access to any location, while reducing the risk of bad actors going to a secondary location with one unified watchlist.

Audit readinessFor compliance audits, have location-specific or organization-wide audits ready with clear information collected on each visitor entering any of your locations.

Adaptable workflowsEnsure that results from your screening program are available to demonstrate your effectiveness to regional authorities, internal stakeholders, and executives.

Customized experienceAlter the visitor experience at any location using SecureFlow to enable a different experience upon sign-in, requiring more information to be entered to meet compliance.

Visitor management

By standardizing your visitor management process across all locations, you establish a strong foundation for workforce security.

Organizations that have multiple locations may have different entry processes at each location. That creates inconsistencies in the visitor experience, results in organizations not fulfilling compliance obligations, and reduces security teams’ visibility into the traffic moving in and out of each location. By standardizing visitor management processes across all locations, a security foundation is developed and consistency can be established. Whether it’s an employee, contractor, or visitor, and no matter the location, the guest should experience the same entry process, and the organization should enforce the same compliance and security standards to protect the entire workforce.

Compliance management

Enforce strong compliance standards across all your locations.

Maintaining some of the most stringent regulatory compliance standards, such as ITAR and Soc 2 Type 2, as well as contractor standards can be enhanced with a visitor management process that is standardized across multiple locations. We know that visitor management is about more than just replacing a log book or sign-in sheet, and in that vein, standardization is about more than adding new systems. It’s about creating an integrated, coordinated, universal approach to entry management that ensures compliance, safety, and security, protocols are met across all facilities, for all employees.

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Customize compliance workflows
Determine the workflows and information you gather at sign-on and registration that meets your site-specific compliance requirements.

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Audit readiness
Pull reports from any location at any moment’s notice to meet audit requirements. Have complete visitor information at the ready that is accurate and easily sortable.

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Unified watchlist
Screen all visitors through external watchlist providers to maintain the highest levels of consistent security and compliance standards. Whether you use universal tools, or customize for location-specific requirements, manage programs centrally to mitigate risk.

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Security synchronization
Adopt one internal watchlist system through a standard visitor process to ensure that all locations screen from the same, up-to-date, list. Ensuring bad actors from one location don’t gain entry at another site by creating a synchronized approach to your VMS deployment.

Regional customization

Not all regions and facilities are the same – customize your visitor entry strategy as needed.

Organizations who have facilities in different regions or countries may have to follow different rules and regulations. Security leaders can account for those variables in their visitor management process by altering the experience at each location through low code SecureFlow technology, while still maintaining the same standardized system and process. With the ability to change the experience for each location on the fly, security leaders can meet local regulations, but still maintain overall standardized security policies and oversight across their entire organization.

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Security manager
Visitor visibility

Security leaders can see each location from one platform, offering greater visibility.

One of the largest challenges for multi-location security is gaining visibility into those locations. Local security teams need to funnel information into the right channels for security leaders and other stakeholders to have an understanding of the organization-wide workforce security state. Manual processing and location-specific discrepancies in the entry process, information gathered, and enforcement levels, can result in poor visibility and create risk for the entire workforce.

Having a standardized system across multiple locations feeding into a central database allows security leaders to gain a company-wide, location-specific, understanding of security concerns. Leaders can assess risk at one location and quickly take action to reduce or remove risk at others by having greater insight into each location's visitor entry experience.

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