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Host experience Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
No restrictions on number of visitors.
No restrictions on number of employees as hosts.
Customize automatic notifications to your hosts based on visitor type and location.
Mobile application for hosts to manage visitors on the go.
Send an alert directly from the host notification email when a visitor of a pre-defined watchlist signs in.
Pre-registration is not limited to the administrator. Employees can send invitations and pre-register visitors ahead of time.
Enable front desk or mailroom staff to quickly scan and notify employees of delivered packages through Frontline mobile app. * Additional costs may apply.
Ability to sign visitors in using the Sign In Enterprise Mobile App on a cell phone. *Additional costs apply.
Visitor experience Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
Allow visitors to check in through a variety of options - touchless kiosk, iPad registration, or host assisted on site.
Define custom sign-in fields based on visitor type, reason for visit, location and more.
Make it easier for recurring visitors. Remember name, email, company and phone, skip previously signed documents and remember custom drop-down and text field answers.
Provide your visitors with the choice of their preferred language. Provide multiple language choices on one iPad. Includes unicode.
Choose what to include in your visitor notifications, such as parking instructions, meeting room details and more.
Give visitors the ability to instantly add an invite to their calendar with iCalendar, Google, Outlook, Outlook online, Yahoo! Calendar.
Keep track of who is still in the building with manual or automatic sign-outs.
Enable visitors to scan their driver’s licenses or passports to seamlessly capture their details in the kiosk to verify visitor data accuracy. Optionally, integrate your check in process with airport quality ID scanners for more robust requirements.
Admin experience Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
Create the sign-in flow that is right for your visitor and business requirements with the Experience Editor. Maintain a library of your favorite flows for cross-site sharing.
Manage all locations from one central platform. Easily filter information by location.
Know more about your visitor. Capture and easily view the information you need.
Access the cloud-based platform from any device, anywhere, anytime.
View all historical check-ins and personal details about your employees, contractors, and essential visitors in one place to support management reporting and analytics.
Export site-specific data for post-visit analytics, emergency communication and ongoing engagement.
Even if your iPad is not connected to Wi-Fi, visitors can still sign in. Their data will sync with your account when you reconnect and your chosen administrator will be notified when an iPad is offline.
Take photos of the visitor, his ID or license. Choose to turn off photo capture for repeat visitors.
Create simple questionnaires as part of the sign-in experience with the ability to make the questions mandatory and remembered for subsequent visits.
Choose to add videos to the sign-in flow. For instance, for training or safety purposes.
The admin can send invitations and pre-register visitors ahead of time.
Design fully branded emails for any purpose. Take control and customize the layout, logos, color scheme, branding, and information to include across all notifications.
Schedule pre/post/multiple emails to manage the invitation/engagement process. Ensure safety checks, surveys, or other interactions are provided in a timely manner.
Enter and maintain notes on visitors that can be accessed and share with other sites.
The admin can create watchlists and add visitors as required.
Allow for more than one admin to modify the sign-in flow and customizations.
Create and share self registration links to invite and manage groups of people by location. Administrators can automatically set invites as 'pending' until approved by a designated user in order to control capacity.
Create hierarchical and/or multiple roles with different needs-based permission levels.
Assign parking upon pre-registration, build designated zones, or easily notify guests of stall assignments in advance.
Support reception, security, and other staff engaging visitors upon entry with touchless sign-in, roll calls/alerts, capacity data, delivery management and more.
Send escalation emails or place guests on a watchlist based on registration responses.
Safety and security Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
Instantly see who is still on site to be able to take action quickly.
Customize your notifications, including the subject and message. Use any reply-to email address for responses and make alerts location specific.
Capture multiple photos, include pictures in host notifications and recognize individuals with the help of badges.
Capture a visitor's e-signature for waivers, NDAs or other legal documents with Guest Sign or DocuSign (DocuSign account required). Set an expiration date and skip for repeat visitors, if previously signed.
Collect photo evidence of any document: insurance, work certifications, etc.
Automate data deletion across the platform at preset intervals.
Create watchlists for different levels of severity. Create your own criteria or use a third-party integration.
Verify your visitor’s identity by scanning a government-issued ID (passport or ID card) with airport-grade ID scanners.
Increase host accountability and visitor safety by ensuring every visitor is escorted by their hosts.
Create location specific data deletion policies to support organization policy/compliance requirements.
Visitor badges Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
Use the Badge Editor to design multiple badge templates based on your branding and information requirements.
You can reprint badges as needed with no additional administrative costs
If you're expecting many visitors at once, you can connect multiple sign-in devices to the same printer without interruption.
Connect to any label printer, including printing in color, on plastic cards, or self-expiring badges.
Support Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
Access support by email, phone or live chat to suit the needs of your administrators.
Help Center with extensive library of articles and videos.
Watch our videos on YouTube for more support.
Improve resolution times and reduce support costs with the ability for our our experts to diagnose your system remotely.
Access Guest Campus for on-demand product training for hosts/admin/users. Gain recognized certification upon successful examination.
Get customer support outside of Support Hours for Sev 1 (only) issues reported via telephone. See our Support Page for more details: success.signinenterprise.com/s/support
Clients at the Complete tier only, get access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager  (CSM). This resource will have a deep, and constantly updated, understanding of your organization's environment and provide pro-active guidance to optimize your deployment.
Integrations Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
Store documents on the cloud-platform Google Drive.
Automate the employee upload process using the integration with Active Directory. Once connected, your visitors will be able to instantly notify the right people of their arrival.
Deliver guest arrival notifications directly to your employees using Slack for internal messaging.
Use DocuSign’s e-signature functionality to capture a visitor’s signature on legal documents during sign-in.
Integrate registration and tracking. Ability to import pre-registered event attendees from Eventbrite.
Use your Visual Compliance account for the third-party watchlist functionality.
Connect to the open API provided by ITA to notify the right personnel via Sign In Enterprise's watchlist abilities.
With our native Salesforce integration, you can automatically create leads or add activities to contacts. No customization required.
Connect with your Contractor Compliance account to screen contractors against this database.
Sign In Enterprise offers the most advanced Salesforce integration for a VMS. You can match any visitor data to your Salesforce org with the customizable Salesforce field mapping.
Manage site capacity, centralize visit data and analyze violations in the Work.com Command Center.
Send invitations directly from Outlook. Enable guests to pre-register and expedite check-in at arrival.
Invite visitors from Google Calendar, synchronizing visits with Sign In Enterprise.
Simplify user log-in by connecting with a single or multiple SAML providers, such as OKTA, OneLogIn, or ADFS.
Integrate the Lenel OnGuard access control security system with Sign In Enterprise. *Additional cost applies.
Enable seamless visitor experiences and unmatched security with Sign In Enterprise’s certified integration with Genetec Security Center. *Additional cost applies
Create custom integrations by setting up HTTP requests from the iPad or server that connects data to other source systems.
support granular safety requirements through integration with tools to manage specific room or seat reservations.
Platform Essential Plus Enhanced Enterprise
Use any browser to access data, send notifications or make changes.
System updates take place automatically.
Choose to store your organization’s visitor information in our US, EU, or Canadian data centers based on your data residency policy.
Control your deployment's configuration within our cloud infrastructure through single tenancy architecture options to meet robust policy requirements. *Additional cost applies

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