Workplace safety management software to protect your workforce.

Protecting employees is of the utmost importance. Workplace safety controls should reduce the threat of hazards for everyone on-site by ensuring compliance with all procedures and policies.

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compliance standards

Maintain compliance standards.

Meet all your workplace safety compliance requirements with a Workforce Security Platform. Leverage the platform to support ITAR, HIPAA, FedRAMP, and other compliance requirements with a visitor management system by collecting (and automatically managing the retention of) the required data to meet the highest compliance standards.

Contact tracing software.

Knowing who is on-site at any given time is critical to perform contract tracing as part of a workplace health and safety policy. Know exactly the employees and visitors on-site at specific times to trace back possible illness or health and safety concerns to a particular office, floor, shift, or group of people.

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health and safety

Capacity planning

Capacity planning and management.

Limit the number of people coming on-site with capacity controls that enable you to not allow employees or visitors on-site when capacity is reached. Plan capacity with scheduling functions and manage when people can come to the site, reducing the risk of safety issues. Additionally, integrate with third-party space management tools to facilitate desk booking.

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Contractor qualification validation.

Working with contractors brings higher workplace safety concerns to your organization. Make sure contractors are trained, certified, insured, and have signed a liability waiver for your facility. Additionally, have contractors complete any additional screening requirements needed before they come on-site.

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Contractor qualification validation

StandardAero makes compliance consistent across global org.

StandardAero makes compliance their top priority. With 40 locations worldwide, they need to maintain strict ITAR compliance regulations. See how they established a standardized visitor experience at each location.

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