tracing and
roll call.

Maintain an accurate and real-time roll call of any guests: contractors, essential visitors, hybrid employees - at each location. Have immediate access to data at your fingertips for a full view into the people in your facilities.

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Https://signinenterprise.com/wp content/uploads/CA Employee tracing adn roll call hero.jpg
Https://signinenterprise.com/wp content/uploads/CA Employee tracing adn roll call hero.jpg

Sign In Enterprise web and mobile app with rollcall UI

guest book.

As guests sign in and out from any location, maintain a real-time guest book and roll call of the people inside your facilities. Account for all employees, contractors, and essential visitors as they sign in, and automatically remove them from the list when they sign out, or as their invitation expires.

Guest information recordkeeping.

As guests sign in, get a full view of all important information relating to their visitor, such as country of origin, the host they selected to meet, and specific information captured from government issued IDs. Know who the guests are at your locations and why they are there. Through Sign In Enterprise, maintain records of additional data guests have provided, such as NDA forms, technical certifications, and other required questionnaires.

ipad + users picture + vaccination record and signing document

illustration - multiple location with different access control levels

Maintain compliance standards.

From guest profiles, see if your visitors have completed watching safety training videos, uploaded the proper documents, signed forms, and completed screening questionnaires to meet your businesses or regulatory compliance standards. With Sign In Enterprise’s low-code experience editor, build unique workflows that require a guest’s input and choices, and maintain a record of the choices each guest has made.

Access control identification.

Attach a badge number to the guest’s profile to sync with your access control systems for easy physical entry. Add additional information to a guest’s profile by adding notes for security concerns, such as disputes with employees, or for personal information.

Illustration - Export guest data for external use

Export guest information for external use.

To utilize guest data to trigger additional activities or to use in external systems not associated with visitor management, download a CSV file of your guest information to upload into those systems. Share with other departments and stakeholders and systems not integrated with Sign In Enterprise’s open API platform.

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