Emergency alerts.

On-site emergencies require immediate and thoughtful actions to keep the entire workforce safe. Minimize safety and security impacts by using the Workforce Security Platform to alert guests in the event of a threat or incidentk.

Read how Tree Top uses mobile roll calls in emergency situations.

Emergency with firefighters helping

Sign In Enterprise web and mobile app with rollcall UI

roll call.

In the event of an emergency, pull up a roll call of all on-site guests – employees, contractors, and visitors to know exactly who is on-site. Viewable in the Frontline mobile app, or through the Sign In Enterprise web portal, quickly know who should be accounted for based on real-time information updates.

Send emergency lockdown procedures, exit locations, and critical updates directly to your workforce via SMS, Gmail, or Slack, keeping your workforce informed as situations escalate.

Alert guests to safety procedures.

Use the low-code SecureFlow experience editor to add safety education into your sign-in process, including hygiene videos, procedural PDFs, and PPE instructions. Make sure guests are informed of the safety policies and best practices required at each of your unique locations to maintain compliance and enforce your safety standards.

Extend emergency
alerts to employees.

Sign In Enterprise integrates with Everbridge’s Critical Event Management system, enabling you to assess threat data, locate people at risk, and automate emergency alert communications. In addition to notifying non-employee guests, extend your Workforce Security Platform to seamlessly support complex employee and communications.

Everbridge intrgration

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