Real-time visitor monitoring & analytics dashboard.

Provide valuable insights into your facility's operational efficiencies and safety conditions with real-time centralized visitor data based on the systems, users, and activities at each facility. Build custom dashboards and generate reports on your safety, building security, compliance, and watchlist alert count, for an accurate view of your entire workforce safety program, including visitor management controls.

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Real-time guest analytics.

Gain real-time visitor monitoring in and around your site. From pre-registration to arrival and beyond, know who is coming to your facility, currently on-site, and who has left. See today’s current capacities, yesterday’s total numbers, or tomorrow’s expected capacity to ensure the right processes are in place to manage the people coming to your facility.

visitor analytics

visitor management dashboard

Visitor management dashboards.

Customize VMS dashboards for a user-defined experience. Create dashboards for the stakeholders who need information, including HR, facilities, operational, IT, and executive sponsors and C-suite leaders.

Executive reporting.

Build reports to highlight specific analytics, including safety reports, building security, compliance, brand threats, and social responsibilities. Export global and location-specific data to provide a complete view of your entire organization’s safety practices to understand your vulnerabilities and highlight your success.

Executive reporting visitor management

Deploying enterprise-level workforce security management.

Discover how Sign In Enterprise’s Workforce Security Platform allows us to service the needs of enterprise-level organizations.

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