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Sign In Enterprise ZeroTouch Sets the Bar for Enterprise-class Visitor Management Systems, Keeps People Safe as Organizations Bring Employees Back to Work

Sign In Enterprise ZeroTouch Sets the Bar for Enterprise-class Visitor Management Systems, Keeps People Safe as Organizations Bring Employees Back to Work Photo

Dynamic Registration Portal and Touchless Sign-in/Sign-out Automate Proactive Safety Screening and Fully Contactless Access for Employees and Visitors, Mitigating Current and Future Risks

SEATTLE, WA. May 13, 2020 – Sign In Enterprise, the global leader in cloud-based enterprise visitor management systems (VMS), today announced ZeroTouch™ secure, fully contactless screening and access capabilities that are unique to the industry. New Dynamic Registration Portal and Touchless Sign-in/Sign-out technology provides an easy-to-deploy solution for enforcing more stringent entry and egress policies while meeting location-dependent enterprise risk management and compliance requirements. ZeroTouch enables enterprises to safely manage the return of employees and visitors to the workplace and better protect open locations amidst the COVID-19 crisis, while anticipating future waves of business interruption.

As Sign In Enterprise CEO Keith Metcalfe observes, “Organizations must prepare for the unexpected by perceiving visitors and employees as one universal risk management challenge. Employee and visitor safety is a first priority and must be managed proactively according to the regulations for different regions and a facility’s levels of risk tolerance at a given time.” 

The Sign In Enterprise Enterprise VMS Platform extends sophisticated facility access and safety protocols to all sites across an enterprise so they can adapt in real time to changing safety mandates and implement new protocols from a centralized platform. The platform’s ZeroTouch secure, fully contactless capabilities

  • give organizations the power to control who is allowed to access a facility;
  • pre-screen visitors and employees before they arrive and gather the data required to confirm their safe entry;
  • inform visitors and employees of necessary safety procedures;
  • enable invitation, screening and sign-in to be customized by location depending on state, province or country health regulations and recommended processes;
  • provide a secure way to maintain a centralized system of record of scheduled visits and portal registrations. 

Sign In Enterprise ZeroTouch Enables Invite-First Culture

The Dynamic Registration Portal gives companies a secure way to invite and vet employees and visitors before access to any facility, ahead of a scheduled visit. Low-code flows can be built for different locations and entry points to gather the information required to confirm each guest’s safe entry, inform them of the necessary safety and security procedures, and maintain a unified system of record of all persons entering and exiting a facility. Specific safety protocols and risk reduction measures can be customized for each unique site, without sacrificing employee safety or the integrity of buildings. Walk-up scenarios are handled seamlessly without the installation of an app on a guest’s smartphone. This is in sharp contrast to other sign-in solutions on the market that require the installation of an app, which not everyone wants or is permitted to do.

“Sign In Enterprise is built for enterprise scalability from the ground up. The custom flows help to effectively enable every best practice of employee re-entry back on-site. It will also enable workforce access management should a second wave of COVID-19 occur. With Sign In Enterprise, organizations will be equipped to handle future outbreaks and effectively implement strategies to address them,” said Cameron Wiebe, CTO at Sign In Enterprise. “One of the core design challenges of building an enterprise-class system for on-site population risk management is that not everyone can download an app. Our engineering team solved this dilemma, eliminating the need for anyone to touch a communal device.”

Once pre-registration is complete, guests are provided a secure one-time QR code to complete an automated Touchless Sign-In and entry process that allows them to register as being on-site – without requiring any physical or employee interaction upon entry. Unlike all other VMS solutions, Sign In Enterprise provides individuals with a comprehensive sign-in flow at pre-registration – including all required documents, videos and instructions – before entering a facility, which is highly efficient and reduces risk of exposure. With a single-QR-code-scan and the ability to upload a photo from one's own device, Sign In Enterprise provides a faster point of entry. Enterprises are able to schedule and control who is allowed into a facility and any person who does not meet the access requirements set forth by an organization will be prevented entry in advance. If access requirements are satisfied, an email is sent with the facility access instructions and an original QR code; the sign-in process is completed once the code is scanned at a facility.

“A safe and secure visit has become a topic of critical importance, from how employees and visitors enter a building to how they interact with others on premises. To ensure safety and mitigate risks for all people in a given vicinity, the world is moving towards an invite-first culture. To make it a reality, technology needs to enable companies to validate identity and pre-screen both employees and visitors before they even enter a workplace,” said Metcalfe.

Location-specific Registration is Easy to Customize Using the Drag-and-Drop UI

An administrator can build a sophisticated Dynamic Registration Portal experience in Sign In Enterprise’s low-code platform by dragging and dropping elements such as: visitor identity pages, HTML pages and questionnaires, video elements, document signing, decision branches, alerts, notifications and more. Unique flows can be built for locations or entry points and for the purpose of managing employees who are being distributed between different facilities, for health and contact screenings, across staggered time entries and to manage the limited number of visits per a facility’s square footage.  

“Sign In Enterprise has long helped regulated industries such as food manufacturing and healthcare meet stringent compliance and safety requirements for people entering regulated worksites. We expect to see rapidly evolving safety standards across all industries emerging from the global pandemic. This will entail staggered and limited access to certain areas and facilities, temperature checks, masks, PPE, social distancing and requirements for a fully contactless on-site experience,” Metcalfe said. 

Webinar Today: The Evolution of Visitor Management Standards and Adjusting to the ‘New Normal’

Brian Phillips, director of Global Security Strategy at Sign In Enterprise and Justin Craig, senior director of Customer Success at Sign In Enterprise, will host a webinar today at 10am PT / 1pm ET, Adjusting to a new normal – evolution of visitor management standards. Bringing together their deep expertise in security management at global regulated enterprise organizations, they will discuss lessons learned from the different stages of COVID-19 to help those responsible for the security and safety of employees navigate a path forward during this unprecedented time. Register here: https://bit.ly/2YFm3Cb

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About Sign In Enterprise.

Sign In Enterprise seeks to ensure safety and security for employees, contractors and essential visitors – wherever they work - through its Workforce Security Platform. The platform provides an advanced enterprise visitor management system (VMS), health and safety controls, critical outreach and alerting, as well as analytics and auditing functionality.

A broad ecosystem of technology partners, integrators and customers leverage Sign In Enterprise’s API-driven platform to develop feature-rich solutions aimed at solving complex security, safety and compliance challenges for enterprises around the world.

Ideal for today’s hybrid workplace, Sign In Enterprise helps employers across dozens of industries demonstrably enforce workforce safety and security procedures so that workers can connect and collaborate with confidence.

In 2021, PSG, a leading growth equity firm partnering with middle-market software and technology-enabled services companies, in combination with ShieldCo, a PSG V portfolio company focused on building the visitor management space, announced the acquisition of Sign In Enterprise.

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