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Physical security considerations for manufacturers

Physical security considerations for manufacturers Photo

Security trends have recently been leaning towards focusing on cyber attacks. With the focus shifting away from physical security, manufacturers are leaving the server room door wide open, quite literally. All the best authentication tools and data encryption codes won’t help prevent a security breach if a would-be attacker infiltrates the server room. From there, they have access to the physical server, internet lines, and all the data in that room. A strong cyber attacker could make quick work of the server’s security features, rendering any cybersecurity measures useless.

There are also physical concerns regarding physical security, such as access control systems - including key card access. Employees and contractors are often given key cards to swipe into rooms, offices, and manufacturing floors. These cards can be lost or stolen, or in the case of a terminated employee, not returned, but still remain active. This leaves an open door, even when the door is closed, for a would-be threat to walk in undetected.

To combat the risks that come with access control to physical locations, manufacturers are adding additional layers to their security measures in order to gain access. This includes utilizing sign-in systems that screen watchlists to check visitors against internally created watchlists, and third-party watchlists that screen local and international law enforcement lists, among others.

These security and access control measures are often overlooked as greater emphasis is being placed on cybersecurity measures to expel attackers from outside the location. Even when cybersecurity measures are enhanced, measures that pertain to physical security have to match those in the cyber world. When physical security measures that are put in place fail, even the best cybersecurity policy will fall flat. Manufacturers need to return to the basics of security and think about people physically arriving on-site.

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