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Improving Cymax’s Office Security and Efficiency with Sign In Enterprise

Improving Cymax’s Office Security and Efficiency with Sign In Enterprise Photo

Knowing that every visitor sign-in process is different, we’re always excited to highlight how our clients use Sign In Enterprise. Whether it’s in their offices, at their events or anywhere else they need to provide the best visitor experience.

The Sign In Enterprise platform is helping Cymax improve office security and enhance the visitor sign-in experience at their head office in Vancouver, BC.

Who is Cymax?

Cymax is a rapidly growing e-retailer of home and office furniture, with annual sales exceeding $180 million. With more than 100,000 products available, the organization was ranked as one of the Top 200 global e-retailers in 2012.

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As an online furniture retailer that continually collects customer and payment data, protecting this information became a growing concern for Cymax. In 2016, improved office security became a priority and they turned to Sign In Enterprise for help.

What was Cymax’s challenge?

Like any business that stores customer information, Cymax has to meet strict data security regulations, including the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. Since the data found at their Vancouver office includes sensitive payment information, visitors cannot go beyond the lobby without their host.

Cymax’s receptionist manages several tasks outside of the lobby, so they needed a consistent presence and process to meet PCI requirements and quickly connect each guest with their host.

How did Sign In Enterprise help?

Cymax’s goal was to find an automated way to increase their office security and maintain PCI compliance while ensuring visitors were greeted in a timely manner.

Using Guest’s Experience Editor, Cymax developed a custom visitor journey that tracks who is in the building and their reason for visiting. To meet PCI compliance, Guest stores a digital record of each visitor. These guest logs include their sign-in time, reason for visiting and host’s name. In the event that their head office is compromised, the cloud-hosted guest records would help Cymax quickly identify visitors who should not have been in the building.

Guest also instantly notifies hosts of their visitors’ arrival upon sign-in through automated emails and text messages. This process contributes to improved security and data collection, as well as provides a better, timelier visitor experience.

What were the results?

With Guest, Cymax developed a solution that met their need to remain PCI compliant, while increasing office efficiency. The receptionist doesn’t have to stay at the front desk, as Guest and a glass door keep unconfirmed visitors in the front lobby until their host can greet them. The host notifications ensure employees can meet visitors quickly, so no one is left waiting in the lobby.  By integrating with Guest, Cymax is able to provide their visitors with the best possible sign-in experience.

Sign In Enterprise at Cymax

“[Sign In Enterprise] works well for our company. The best part of the technology is the experience on the side of the guest and the convenience on our part”, said Michelle Acabal, executive assistant at Cymax. “The ease of setting up and the customer service is commendable”.

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