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Email notification is part of a successful visitor management experience

Email notification is part of a successful visitor management experience Photo

As more organizations begin to return to work there is a growing need to coordinate employees coming back to the office and visitors coming in as well. As we continue to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an increase in communications with people coming on-site. Email notifications can be a labor-intensive process if you are sending:

  • Visit invitations
  • Health attestations
  • NDA forms
  • Registration forms
  • Visit instructions (directions, parking locations, etc.)

How many of these email notifications you send is entirely up to your health and safety policy. However, someone has to manage that system of sending out notifications each time someone is going to come to the office. And they need to ensure the forms have been filled out correctly before the visitor can come inside. 

Sign In Enterprise’s solution is scheduled email notifications, with custom templates, that let you schedule when emails are sent, to whom they go to, and what goes in them. This ensures that any visitors coming to your location are getting the same notifications by default. And for those needing to maintain compliance, it automates and standardizes the visitor entry process. For locations that need to meet ITAR compliance, you can be satisfied that those visitors coming in are being sent the correct forms to gain access to your site. 

Scheduled email notification automates visitor management

Every organization has a process to bring visitors to the office. That process starts from the initial invite and can go beyond the visitor's visit. It can go days beyond, requesting feedback on their visit to a specific location. This is what makes the automation of your scheduled email notification so important. You can define a process for visitors to come to your location. And ensure they are filling out the proper documents and receiving the right information every time. 

As soon as a visitor is invited to your site, the chain of scheduled emails can begin, ranging from days away from the scheduled visit, to hours. Customers are using this email notification function to send registration forms to visitors, allowing them to pick meeting times, book rooms, or join large meeting groups. 

From there, especially with COVID-19 measures still in place, organizations are sending out health attestation forms, checking for symptoms, and asking questions about a visitor's possible travel. And some are even following up hours before a meeting starts with instructional videos on mask-wearing, and health policies while on-site, such as social distancing and hand washing. 

For compliance, NDA forms and requests for IDs can be scheduled during this time. This allows your organization to automate information collection so that it’s not being done in your lobby. That frees up time for any front desk or hosting staff, ensures data collection, and people aren't waiting in your lobby to process information. 

Every location has its own process

For those with multiple locations, either within a building, city, or facilities spanning multiple states or countries, you can set up unique experiences with your scheduled email notifications. And they can be as specific as needed for each location. 

There are currently different COVID-19 mandates in each state in the United States and provinces in Canada. And vaccines are rolling out at different rates where your facilities may be located. That means you need a customized email notification system for each location, based specifically on the health policy in place. 

With Sign In Enterprise, each location can have its own defined scheduled email notification workflow. Facilities that require NDAs to be signed can have them attached specifically for anyone going to that location. And instructions on parking or directions can be applied to a specific location, ensuring the visitor experience is a positive one for anyone coming to your site. 

Sign In Enterprise can be deployed across your entire network of facilities, giving you a central location for all your visitor management needs. However, it allows you to customize the workflows and experiences your visitors have at each location. This ensures safety, security, and compliance standards are met at all your locations with a standardized experience.

Email notifications go beyond the visit

While most of the emails being sent to visitors will happen before the visit occurs, there is a growing trend of sending an email notification to someone who has been to your site. In these cases, it’s generally to provide feedback on their visit. This can take the form of asking questions about how the visitor felt in regards to health and safety. Many organizations will collect NPS scores at this time, or request feedback on hosting duties, seminars the guests attended or sending out additional information.

Another use case dealing with COVID-19 includes asking follow-up health attestation questions. Those with COVID-19 may not show symptoms for days, but they may still be infectious. Notifications can be sent a few days after a visit to ensure a visitor isn’t showing symptoms. This can be part of your contact tracing policy, ensuring visitors are safe after they have left. And also to ensure any current team members at your organization are not at risk of exposure. 

Sending an email notification days after someone has already left can easily be forgotten. The visitor is no longer top-of-mind, but the information they provide can be critical to the health and safety of your workforce, and your overall visitor experience. 

Create the experience you want and need

By using the automated scheduled email notification system, you can create a visitor experience without a constant hands-on approach. Many organizations have someone dedicated to sending each email directly to each visitor. They need to record information, ensure all forms are filled out and kept on file, and follow up as needed. With Sign In Enterprise’s email automation, the oversight needed to ensure proper information is sent and collected is drastically reduced. You can standardize the visitor invite process from the initial invite, all the way to asking for feedback days after they have left. 

It’s about creating a safe and secure environment for your workforce, as well as any visitors coming to your site. But also reducing the time consumption of having to manually handle what can easily be made into an automated process. 

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