Workforce security trends 2022: The new age of guest management

Visitor Management Systems (VMS) have evolved over the past decade. What used to be perceived as simple sign-in/sign-out tracking solutions have developed into integrated, customized, low-code solutions that can meet today’s complex security demands for leading enterprise organizations—keeping not only visitors, but employees, contractors, and contingent workers safe and secure.

In this webinar, Sign In Enterprise’s CEO Keith Metcalfe shares his deep industry insights about the evolving landscape of Visitor Management Systems and workforce security in general, including:

  • The impact of health and safety controls on security tools
  • The move to standardization—and the demand for customization
  • Point solutions, platforms, and fragmentation
  • New stakeholders and project scope including contractor and employee threats


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Keith Metcalfe
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Ryan Canby
Solutions Engineer
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