Security as the new strategy

Security leaders face the daunting challenge of looking ahead beyond the pandemic response and overseeing new safety and compliance considerations to help prepare and support workforces for the future. Organizations will need to get deeply collaborative across the entire organization in order to build agile and holistic security strategies that adapt to new and shifting external challenges.

In this webinar, a diverse panel of experts from areas of physical access, compliance, and facilities management, explore the need for an integrated approach to workforce security in 2022 and beyond, including:

  • What the stakeholder landscape will look like in the future
  • Recommendations for security leaders to gain ground at the executive level
  • The impact of hybrid work models on safety and security 
  • The future of health safety through a security lens
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Jackson Wood
Director, Industry Strategy, Descartes Visual Compliance
Https://signinenterprise.com/wp content/uploads/Joe Finlayson.jpg
Joe Finlayson
VP Strategy and Alliances, Sign In Enterprise
Https://signinenterprise.com/wp content/uploads/Kayla Giles.jpg
Kayla N Giles
Head of Commercial Partnerships, OfficeSpace
Https://signinenterprise.com/wp content/uploads/Zeb Pena.jpg
Zeb Peña
Strategic Account Manager, Genetec
Security as the new strategy
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