Optimize your workplace—navigating the hybrid work evolution

Space optimization, desk booking, tech stack investments, a hybrid work model—these are just a few topics that professionals in large complex enterprises are maneuvering.

As we move into a new year, it’s essential to understand how the workforce is shifting and adapt to these new changes to maintain an efficient, secure and compliant work environment.

We may not have all the answers to these questions, which is why we’re excited to get together with three industry leaders and learn what they have to say about hybrid work, space booking, and security protocols—and how they all tie in together to create the ideal enterprise hybrid work model.

Watch as Brian Phillips, CPP, CISSP (Director, Physical Security; Molina Healthcare), Kasper Ullits (CPO; Sign In Workspace) and Justin Craig (VP Customer Success; Sign In Enterprise) come together to discuss these hot topics.

They discuss:

  • How does a large enterprise manage hybrid work?
  • What are the security implications to consider?
  • How do you plan for space optimization?
  • How do you manage a changing workplace?
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