Send invitations directly from Outlook, pre-register guests and expedite check-in on arrival.

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Manage invitations
right in Outlook.

Simplify meetings set up for your hosts, streamline on-site registration process and enhance overall guest experience.

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Custom invitations.

Define what data to capture in the sign-in process and
map it to your Salesforce fields, crating leads, adding activities or actions.

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Streamlined check-in.

Configure integration to update, insert or upsert information in Salesforce, customizing for your use cases or events.

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On-brand experience.

Integrate event attendee, customer, prospect or partner data into Salesforce reporting, gaining deeper insights into on-site and event interactions.

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Increased adoption.

Choose between One-Step Experience Editor set up for simple use cases or leverage Custom field mapping configuration for advanced scenarios.

Synchronized changes.

Outlook integration brings benefits to administrators, hosts and guests, improving visitor logistics every step of the way.

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Instantly connect.

Securely log into Sign In Enterprise from the integration with Microsoft Outlook, using standard sign-in or Single Sign On (SSO).

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Create a perfect welcome.

Select from multiple sign-in locations for your guests to check-in. Set up a list of hosts that will be notified on guest check-in. Add scheduled e-mail notifications for guests, hosts, and security personnel.

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Enable your hosts.

Set default settings for location, notification settings, and e-mail template. Choose automatic or manual ways to sync Outlook invitee data from the meeting with the invites created in Sign In Enterprise.


  • Increase efficiency. Provide an easy way for users to set up meetings and follow visitor protocols, leveraging systems they frequently use.
  • Streamline visitor sign in. Enable every visitor to make the most of their time on site, streamlining visit logistics and meeting coordination

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