Google Calendar integration.

Invite visitors from Google Calendar, synchronizing visits with Sign In Enterprise.

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Invite your guests
from Google Calendar.

Schedule and update meetings with customizable Sign In Enterprise invitations.

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Simplified invitations.

Enable employees to easily set up new meetings from Google Calendar, simultaneously creating a meeting and pre-registering visitors in Sign In Enterprise.

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Flexible designs.

Provide flexible templates to create beautiful, on-brand designs, leverage QR codes, directions, maps, meeting details and customize each element to your brand and your needs.

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Synchronized changes.

Ensure tools are in sync, when meeting is updated in Google Calendar, changes are reflected in Sign In Enterprise.

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Increased adoption.

Minimize training and change management by enabling employees to invite guests from within a familiar Google Suite (G Suite) environment.

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Enable employees to invite visitors right from inside their calendar (G Suite enterprise is required).

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Add Sign In Enterprise to the invite.

Create invites right from the Google Calendar, adding Sign In Enterprise as a resource.

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Choose invite type.

Choose between a one-step quick invite (using Google Chrome extension) or fully customize your invitation email.

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Keep meetings in sync.

Visitors will receive a detailed event invitation and can also add a meeting to their calendar.


  • Increase efficiency. Provide an easy way for users to set up meetings and follow visitor protocols, leveraging systems they frequently use.
  • Streamline sign-in. Enable every visitor to make the most of their time on site, streamlining visit logistics and meeting coordination

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