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Benefits of visitor management systems

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On-site visits have always been an important part of conducting business. Meetings with partners, job applicants, customers and contractors happen every day. However, when the rest of the workplace went digital, the visitor experience was left behind. The process of welcoming and managing visitors relied on a simple lobby book and pen.

Why was visitor management left behind?

While the rest of the workplace underwent a cloud-based overhaul, visitor management couldn't keep pace because multiple departments were responsible for different aspects of visitor management. This left guests in a void between operations, facilities and IT, where no one focused on the overall visitor experience. This was further compounded by the competing processes and requirements across multiple company locations.

Where is visitor management going?

When cloud-based visitor management systems (VMS) started gaining enterprise-wide adoption, organizations recognized significant increases in efficiency, data quality and security associated with visitor flow and facilities.

Recently, buyers have started to see a visitor management system as an operational necessity, rather than a novelty. The category is moving beyond simply digitizing the old processes—like paper logbooks, manual data entry and security services—because organizations need more.

We surveyed professionals from various industries around the world to track trends in the VMS ecosystem and the results demonstrate that the time for a digital visitor management process is here.

Visitor management systems increase security

89% of survey respondents believe that a VMS creates a safer environment to protect an organization's data, people and facilities.

Visitor management systems increase efficiency

93% of our respondents saw an increase in efficiency by streamlining the visitor check-in process with technology. A streamlined process ensures that all security requirements are followed as each guest is guided through check-in.

Visitor management systems enable compliance

15% of survey respondents agree that compliance requirements were their primary reason for investing in a VMS. These respondents were looking for a VMS that could be customized to meet the requirements of regulatory bodies like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Visitor management systems impact brand experience

72% of our respondents say employee and visitor feedback has improved since introducing a VMS. A customized and efficient user experience is an expectation that enhances the brand image.

To better understand the impact of visitor management for your guests and organization, check out the full Sign In Enterprise Visitor Management Report.

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