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4 Tips to Manage Your Wifi Access Securely

4 Tips to Manage Your Wifi Access Securely Photo

When selecting a visitor management system, consider these four tips to decrease the difficulty in extending courteous wifi access to the people you welcome.

Expiry. Passwords should change. It’s just hard to do when they’re printed and posted all over the office. We’ve attempted to mitigate this issue by allowing the VMS administrator(s) to go in and change the text on confirmation of visit. For those with a third party password management platform, just include a hyperlink. Upon clicking, you can use this to control splash screens, random password generation, etc.

Per location wifi specificity. Each location can increase their security by managing their own password messaging. The location administrators will appreciate that they can change, update and communicate passwords to their own visitors as opposed to relying on pen and paper or unsecured email to communicate this sensitive information.

Visitor-specific password assignment. Customers, contractors, volunteers and family members all represent different security requirements. Being able to communicate password information that is distinct to each kind of visitor can assist with the wifi capabilities that are appropriate.

Standard communication of the password to visitors and their hosts. Being able to tell visitors their network/password is in their inbox after they sign in, eliminates the need for additional signage in meeting rooms. For those visitors granted only limited access, we suggest sharing the same secure information with the hosts so they can communicate it with their guests. Providing email information like wifi network/pw after a visitor has logged in should be coupled with a friendly reminder to hosts on what their visitor needs to get the access they desire.

While some enterprises have given up and provided an open wifi guest password, others have awkward distinct password generation platforms, which in our experience seldom works. Our observation is that there’s a better way to provide a good visitor experience and a higher level of security at the same time.

"Nothing is safe," says Luis Chapetti, a software engineer and data scientist at Barracuda, a California-based security and storage solutions company. "Proper security protocols and appliances mixed with educating users is the best way to mitigate these and any attacks."

Passwords remain the "weakest links" for data theft. As the industry matures, passwords need to become obsolete because they are dangerous to Internet security and, in this case, all information related to your office.

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