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Visitor Management Award: Grand Central Tech

Visitor Management Award: Grand Central Tech Photo

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With the Visitor Management Award, we want to recognize technology-driven innovation that’s enhancing visitor experiences. If you’re using Sign In Enterprise to increase security, improve office efficiency or accomplish something incredible, we want to hear about it! Each month, we share a client story about how they’ve created a unique visitor experience.

We’re excited to announce that the Visitor Management Award goes to Grand Central Tech.

Who is Grand Central Tech?
Grand Central Tech takes a unique position in the field of startup incubators. Their mission is to build a strong community for high-potential entrepreneurs, providing full range support to new ventures to grow successfully. Alongside access to funding, partners and mentors, GCT offers a 100,000 square foot co-working space in the heart of Manhattan, close to the iconic Grand Central Station. Hosting some of the most talented individuals under one roof, has created an extraordinary environment for innovation. 

What was their challenge?
To support young businesses everyday, GCT has taken on the responsibility to create an efficient and safe infrastructure. Providing a home to ever more diverse brands in one space comes with unique challenges. One aspect is visitor management. Their co-working space has grown to cover 3 floors, accommodating hundreds of people every day, all of which need to be registered and hosted effectively by the responsible startup. Above all, GCT recognised that visitors represent great opportunities for new businesses and it is therefore critical to make a good first impression. 

Grand Central Tech New York

How did they solve it?
With a shared passion for technology, Grand Central Tech saw an opportunity in implementing the Sign In Enterprise cloud-based visitor management solution to solve their headache of guest registration. It allows for custom sign-in experiences on each floor, all integrated into one live account.

“I love that we (on the admin side) are able to switch around the steps when designing the experience for our locations.” - Jill Proman, Head of Community

With a digital guest book, GCT is now able to know more about who is entering and create dedicated host lists for each tenant in their space. With attention to detail, technology is enabling customization of the design on each iPad by choosing images, company logos and more.

Grand Central Tech Lobby

They wanted to take the customization even further and pushed Sign In Enterprise to give users the option to tailor the host notifications. With this additional feature, they can adapt the content for each location. In the true spirit of innovation, thank you for pushing us to continuously improve!

“I've seen changes made to the platform shortly after I've requested a new feature be added that wasn't previously offered.”

What were the results?
Changing how they manage visitors is saving invaluable time each day as well as contributing to their modern brand dynamic.

Starting a new venture is hard. Grand Central Tech acknowledges that removing some barriers will impact the growth of startups and their ideas. With the help of suitable technology, GCT can continue to focus on building a community and bringing people closer together.

“Ever since my office started using your software, guests have been greeted faster, and tenants are much happier receiving both text and email notifications immediately.” 

We admire GCT’s strive to focus on what matters. To celebrate how they use technology to accommodate an army of brands under one roof, we are awarding them with the Visitor Management Award. Continue to break out of the ordinary and help make innovation happen!

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