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Visitor Management Award: The Kitchen

Visitor Management Award: The Kitchen Photo

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With the Visitor Management Award, we want to recognize technology-driven innovation that’s enhancing visitor experiences. If you’re using Sign In Enterprise to increase security, improve efficiency or accomplish something incredible, we want to hear about it! Each month, we share a client story about how they’ve created a unique visitor experience.

We’re excited to announce that the Visitor Management Award goes to The Kitchen.

Who is The Kitchen?

The Kitchen, based in San Francisco, describe themselves as a "religious start-up" which offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional Jewish experiences and events. These include religious services, holiday events, social justice programs, and various other social outreach programs.

The Kitchen Event
Photo credit: The Kitchen.

What is their challenge?

The organization runs a large number of events. These are open to anyone, whether or not they are a donating member, and can range in size from 10 to over 500 attendees. Hosting such a variety of events presents the challenge of how to quickly and easily register attendees in and keep track information.

How did they solve it?

For the past year, The Kitchen has used Sign In Enterprise to welcome members and new faces to their events. They are now closing in on 100 events using the visitor management system (VMS) to check in thousands of event attendees and capture their information. The Salesforce integration has played an important role in managing attendees effectively. By linking the Sign In Enterprise platform to their Salesforce environment, they have been able to leverage attendee data in their sales, marketing, and facilities strategies to increase member conversion and optimize event logistics.

Eliana Lauter, Interim Executive Director at The Kitchen, heads up event management (among other things!). She begins the planning process for each event by creating a new Campaign in Salesforce, which is categorized by type of event and automatically assigned a specific value between 1-10.

Then, in Sign In Enterprise, Elie creates a new Event record. Each Event can have its own pre-registered attendees, devices, experience, and theme, allowing The Kitchen to segment their sign-in data and provide a unique experience for each one.

With one click, the Eventbrite sign-ups are transferred over to Sign In Enterprise as pre-registered attendees. With pre-registration, attendees’ information is pre-populated - resulting in a seamless check-in experience. With some events hosting hundreds of attendees, pre-registration helps to reduce queues and helps The Kitchen to keep their event schedules on track.

After their attendees' check-in, Sign In Enterprise's Salesforce integration automatically creates an Activity for each attendee including the date and name of the event. This provides a full history of a person's event attendance in Salesforce.

Why does this matter?

With all visitor data in Salesforce, The Kitchen can tie event attendance directly into their sales, marketing, and facilities strategies.

The Kitchen has created a custom scoring system for their events, called an Engagement Score. Events are weighted differently, for example, a meeting with a Rabbi adds more to the Engagement Score than a community event. A Social Justice meeting is scored higher than a dinner, and so on.

When members and non-members check in at events (resulting in new Activities in Salesforce from Sign In Enterprise's integration), a series of formula fields and roll-up summary fields calculate a total Engagement Score based on the type, sum, and frequency of Activities logged for each person in their database.

Membership Growth and Retention

Using Salesforce Reports, the team can quickly see who's most and least engaged, then act accordingly. For existing members with low engagement scores, they can now pro-actively reach out and find out why - improving membership retention. More appropriate membership types can be suggested to members based on their engagement levels.

Elie can also identify highly engaged non-members to call and convert to donating members. Sign In Enterprise's ability to capture event attendance and identify these non-members is crucial, as "you can't have engagement scores without check-ins" according to Elie. With the new visitor management platform and its Salesforce integration "we've converted a lot more - all they needed was a phone call".

More Effective Marketing Campaigns

Looking forward, The Kitchen plans to leverage Salesforce' Marketing Cloud capabilities to send targeted content to members and non-members based on the types of events they're attending and their overall engagement score. Their goal is to further increase their membership retention and conversion.

As a non-profit, The Kitchen can apply for grants to help with their overall funding. Applying for these grants is easier now that they have real metrics to include in their grant applications. With many non-ticketed events, it used to be very difficult to have a true sense of how many people showed up, and who they were. They can now highlight these statistics and demographics as well as the true size of their events, aiding in their bids for additional funding.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Finally, historical event data from Sign In Enterprise is now being used to help plan future events. It's easy to see how many people were pre-registered and compare to a number of actual attendees, which can vary when the events are not ticketed. This has always been a problem when finding the right venue, especially during peak season.

With the help of Sign In Enterprise and Salesforce, The Kitchen and their members will continue to improve their events and increase their membership base. To see how you can leverage these two flexible and powerful platforms together, contact us to schedule a demo.

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