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Sign In Solutions Customer Advisory Board

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It’s no secret that we are proud of the solution we have built over the years. A fully customizable visitor management system that allows users to manage their visitors while at the same time comply with strict regulations—yes please!

We strongly believe that our product wouldn’t be what it is without our customers. Customer feedback helps us understand their needs and expectations, as well as gather insights on how we can continuously improve our product, and make necessary changes. 

This is why, for the second time in our company’s history—and for the first time under the Sign In Solutions brand—we held an in-person Customer Advisory Board. 

Held in beautiful Whistler, Canada, our Customer Advisory Board allowed us to get some face-to-face time with our clients; to understand their pain points, and build some real relationships. It’s a time for our company to listen as our customers share their views on what they like, and have an influence on what they hope to see improved. This year was no different. 

What our customers taught us

Our customers shared with us that, since our last Customer Advisory Board in 2020, they have improved their businesses’ workflow and strategies by using our solution. In the following years, our customers found streamlining their sign in process, contact tracing, and building security easier to manage by using our platform. Now, they are discovering ways to increase efficiency, including managing deliveries, tracking prospective clients onsite, and managing event invitee lists. When our customers look for new ways to use our solution, we are right there with them, quickly making changes to suit their needs.

The ideal workplace—Even as we continue to navigate through remote and hybrid work environments, companies are still struggling bringing their employees back into the office. Acknowledging this has helped us support organizations save their employees’ time with an effortless and seamless sign in and sign out process they use on a daily basis.

Saving time—By using the Sign In Enterprise solution, our customers have been able to standardize their existing and new processes, as well as reduced screen time and clicks by simplifying and automating tasks. All in all, this has made life easier and more efficient for these companies. 

Walking the walk—Our first Customer Advisory Board, which took place in February 2020, opened up the doors to having face-to-face interactions with our customers, and listen to their insights. Virtual Customer Advisory Boards have also allowed this feedback when in-person events were not possible. Ultimately, these events, both in-person and virtually, have proven to be extremely valuable, as these conversations have led to our current roadmap. 

Our team had an incredible time meeting some of our customers—many for the first time. We believe this valuable experience will only continue to help us in bettering our products, and we can’t wait to share what’s to come.

We’ll continue to build those relationships with quarterly CAB meetings held virtually and are already looking forward to our next in-person event in 2024! 

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