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LEARN Behavioral created a professional experience with a consistent security approach

LEARN Behavioral created a professional experience with a consistent security approach Photo

As the leading network of providers serving children with autism and other special needs, LEARN Behavioral delivers over 1.5 million hours of services annually through the dedication of over 4,000 professionals across 15 states.  In addition, they needed a security solution that would scale their entire network, creating consistency in their information gathering for insurance purposes.

LEARN Behavioral wanted a better experience for the more than 5,000 families and children they support across the United States. 

To elevate the experience their clients receive upon arrival, LEARN moved their check-in system to the Sign In Enterprise platform. This move created the exceptional guest experience they desired while ensuring they collected information to satisfy their medical insurance compliance requirements.

Creating consistency in security for medical insurance compliance

Medical insurance can cover many of the services LEARN offers but some insurers require information showing the time a client came into one of the LEARN facilities and the exact time they left. Previously, customers had their information processed through a spreadsheet system, which LEARN would then send to providers as required.

However, this manual method of getting the master sheet filled out was very relaxed and not consistent across their wide network of locations, which is why LEARN turned to the Sign In Enterprise platform.

While not all insurance providers were asking for customer information for fee reimbursement, Vice President of Technology, Russell Lum knew that this is where insurance companies were moving. A platform like Sign In Enterprise was a way for LEARN to get ahead of the curve before other providers started requesting that information.

Making the consistent security experience cleaner, safer, and better

The second priority was to create a better security experience for the customers, including a professional sign-in and -out system that was hands-free.

At the time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents needed to stay in their vehicles when dropping children off at the facility. Using the Sign In Enterprise solution, staff would complete a health questionnaire on one device, a QR code would be provided to the client, and then staff could scan in children on the iPad kiosk – all without the need to share devices and risk cross contamination.

Checking in and out through one system made for a cleaner experience and made it simple to get customers moving in and out of each location, collecting the correct data in the process. The process became more fluid, and much safer.

Consistency across multiple sites — standardizing the visitor experience

Since the initial deployment, LEARN expanded to 30 more locations before expanding to all their locations across the country.

Each center has a standardized and professional way of welcoming customers to their location. With this improved visitor experience, Lum hopes it will make their current customers happier and more likely to recommend them to future customers. 

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