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Visitor Management Award – Winter 2017: JCCPGH

Visitor Management Award – Winter 2017: JCCPGH Photo

Sign In Enterprise empowers businesses to create unique guest experiences with a cloud-based visitor management system.
We believe in innovation. And we believe people matter.

With our Visitor Management Award, we want to recognize outstanding performance and commitment to enhancing the visitor experience, embracing innovation, and fostering relationships. Every quarter, we will celebrate a customer and tell their unique story.

For Winter 2017, we are excited to announce that the Visitor Management Award goes to The JCC of Greater Pittsburgh!

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh (JCCPGH) is one of the largest social service, recreational and educational organizations in the region and one of the largest JCCs in North America. Designed for all ages and interests, JCCPGH offers programs for child care, after-school activities, recreational camps, senior adult activities, fitness, arts, and culture. As a member of the JCC Association of North America, the center strives to build community and create an environment that welcomes individuals and families of any background. Managing such diversity in their program offerings and members requires strong leadership with a culture of ideas and innovation.

The Challenge
On average, more than 3000 people walk through the doors each day. Members, non-members, contractors, staff, event attendees, and visitors, enter the center for many different reasons. JCCPGH values individual differences and creates a personalized experience within their community for every individual. Prior to their Sign In Enterprise implementation, while members generally use access cards, other visitors had to sign in with pen and paper. Visitors were not remembered across the many events, programs and different locations, as data was not collected centrally, waivers had to be signed multiple times, and it was difficult to keep track of event attendance or program interest.

The Transformation 
Driven by their mission of creating an exemplary and engaged community, the team at JCCPGH searched for new ways to welcome people to their facilities. To provide a safe and supportive environment, they identified key principles for their visitor management process:

Everyone needs to be known: data is incredibly valuable. A community center needs to know who is entering the building. Beyond security reasons, collecting relevant data can help improve the program offering and create more personalized experiences for all.

Everyone needs to be treated individually: customization is essential. Any new solution or process will need to account for the variety of needs and expectations. Visitors should be remembered and welcomed in a personal and relevant manner.

Everyone needs to be accounted for: in case of emergency, it is important to be able to instantly know who is onsite and keep an accurate and up-to-date visitor log across all buildings.

With this in mind, JCCPGH replaced pen and paper with a customizable visitor management platform. By introducing Sign In Enterprise, visitor information is now captured digitally across a wide range of use cases and consolidated in one central administrative console.

“My vision exploded”, says Diane Newland, CFO at JCCPGH. “We started to dream in color and think outside the box about what this new platform would enable us to do. Our initiative goes beyond the lobby and our entrances. Being able to understand our customers and visitors better provides endless opportunities.”

Having used the platform for 6 months now, the team was able to address some of the longstanding challenges and are using the technology for the following:

1. Front desks at all locations:
Improving the check-in, non-members are now able to sign-in on an iPad. The administrator defines what data is collected, keeping the process short and relevant. This can include waivers, ID details, taking a photo, reason for visit, and more. Members who forgot their membership card also need to sign in, which allows for a holistic log of who entered each day. The new platform also allows for pre-registration and host notifications to create a more efficient environment.

JCCPGH Front Lobby

2. ECDC - Early Childhood Development Center:
Young children are a significant part of the JCC in Pittsburgh. It is important to ensure a safe environment by knowing who is entering the facilities. Sign In Enterprise captures information and keeps a central record for all guests. Their Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDC) in Squirrel Hill and South Hills provide a variety of education and child care programs. To better manage the interest in the ECDC programs, the JCC now collects information pertaining to potential new families and what program they are interested in.

3. Membership Office:
Membership intake forms for new and potential members can now be completed directly on the iPad via Sign In Enterprise. With the customizable platform, the team is able to define what data should be collected such as why they want to join, what programs they are interested in, or what type of membership they are looking for as well as obtain the necessary waivers and forms for new members.

4. Fitness Center:
The new system allows the gathering of important data on the JCC's fitness clients, participants can check-in for specific fitness classes and programs and shares information with their trainers and instructors. Sign In Enterprise enables JCCPGH to collect information about clients, obtain executed waivers and documents and allows for pre-registration. Fitness intake forms for membership orientation and personal training are completed right on the iPad and filed digitally for future reference by personal trainers and instructors. Upcoming session invitations can be sent to clients with the trainers instantly be notified via SMS that their customer has arrived.

JCCPGH Fitness Center

5. Events: the JCC in Pittsburgh hosts a variety of internal and external events. Sign In Enterprise has made the pre-registration and check-in process easier and more secure. The attendee data can easily be exported and used for relevant follow-up communications.

“I love that we can really personalize the experience. I can easily make changes and tailor the sign-in questions for each visitor type.” - Lauren Goldman, Finance Specialist at JCCPGH and administrator of Sign In Enterprise. With a wide range of users across the JCC, the administration is managed with defined user roles to ensure data privacy and clear accountability.

The Award
Working with the JCC in Pittsburgh has been a unique experience for our team. We are impressed by their incredible drive and passion to serve members and provide a positive and engaging customer experience at their centers. They inject innovation into longstanding processes and continuously challenge the status quo in serving their community.

With the slogan of “We're gaining Traction to serve you better”, the team embraces new technology to strive towards their vision for a best-in-class customer experience for everyone. We want to celebrate these achievements in adapting technology in the not-for-profit space and recognize their efforts in truly inspiring others to be open to new ideas.

What's next?
“This is just the beginning!” Diane Newland shares her excitement on the upcoming introduction of Traction Rec. Based on the leading CRM platform Salesforce, Traction Rec is a solution for membership, program, and facility, as well as the integration hub for other systems. Sign In Enterprise will feed visitor data directly into Salesforce and enrich the holistic view of all members and non-members of the JCC. Technology will enable the team to enhance the experience across all touchpoints and transform how community centers are managed in future.

Thank you, JCC of Greater Pittsburgh, for continuing to push the boundaries. We share your passion and want to continue to enable you on your journey.

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