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Sign In Enterprise launches first integrated parking management module for visitor management

Sign In Enterprise launches first integrated parking management module for visitor management Photo

Sign In Enterprise expands the visitor management system (VMS) category with new parking management solution to advance on-site security and increase operational efficiency when hosting visitors.

Sign In Enterprise announces an industry-first solution that integrates parking management with its leading enterprise visitor management system.

The new parking module provides unprecedented control over how enterprises govern parking as part of an integrated approach to visitor management. Disjointed tools and processes create significant gaps in security and the guest experience at large facilities. Keith Metcalfe, CEO of Sign In Enterprise explains: “Enterprise organizations have complex requirements for maintaining airtight security and emergency preparedness across a range of locations. Looking beyond the lobby, we addressed these considerations in developing the parking module.”

Businesses can now digitize their parking inventory and designate zones for different types of visitors and vehicles such as handicap, electric cars or VIP. Being able to monitor parking usage and reserve spaces in real-time is the first step in enabling capacity planning within a centralized, enterprise-grade VMS platform.

The parking experience is transformed as designated parking stall details and directions can be included in pre-registration invitations or be provided by a gate guard upon check-in. Consolidated data allows companies to detect parking patterns and reconfigure under-utilized space. By making parking an integral part of visitor management, Sign In Enterprise demonstrates its commitment to serving the enterprise; providing tools to advance security, create efficiencies and address compliance requirements.

“There’s always risk associated with hosting guests. Providing safe and seamless guest experiences starts before they reach reception,” notes Sign In Enterprise CTO, Cameron Wiebe. “Integrated parking management aligns with our security-centered approach. It’s a natural extension of our Assisted-Check-In module launched earlier this year that uses airport-grade security scanners to verify a visitor's passport or ID. Parking is another layer of defense and results in better asset management and capacity planning.”

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