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How we use compliance to build trust with customers and prospects and how that got us a Drata award

How we use compliance to build trust with customers and prospects and how that got us a Drata award Photo

TRUST—Last month we received an award from Drata for excelling at proactively building trust with our customers and prospects. And now we're spilling the beans on what we did, and how you can copy our approach.

And we’re not the only ones who see this opportunity. According to Drata 33% of organizations shift more energy to accelerating business when they save time compliance tasks.

But before we get that far, let’s quickly cover why we were recognized by Drata in the first place.

We were recognized for our compliance processes, which are designed to improve communication, ensure trust, and accelerate our sales cycles. Among thousands of other customers of Drata, our compliance program stood out as being a leader amongst SaaS companies.

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Three ways we used compliance to support business needs and win a Drata award

Companies can pivot their regulatory compliance from a cost center to a strategic partner in decisions that is closely tied to business growth.

In fact, 70% of compliance professionals today say they have noticed a shift from check-the-box compliance to a more strategic approach, and part of our approach to compliance is to make it an integral part of our business operations and the key to our success as a business.

1. Compliance in sales

One of the biggest benefits to having a sturdy compliance program that factors in business goals in addition to rules and regulations is the ability to accelerate the sales cycle, which is something we’ve worked hard to accomplish.

How we’ve done this at Sign In Solutions, is establishing a close collaboration with our sales team.

Sales faces a number of questions during negotiations, and a lot of those questions are about security and compliance. By staying compliant with the standards and achieving the certifications they are asked about, we’ve managed to shave quite a bit of time off from the time negotiations start until the contract is signed.

2. Compliance in marketing

When it comes to compliance and marketing, pipeline acceleration is of course a benefit they feel as well. But the real marketing benefit is making our solutions eligible for bigger and more complex deals.

Whether we’re talking ISAE3000, SOCII or something else, there’s a good chance that having the right certificate or living up to the right regulations will make your product a consideration to a whole new range of businesses.

3. Compliance and customer experience

One of the biggest questions in compliance is if compliance and customer experience can co-exist, and the answer to that question isn’t just yes.

The biggest issue with compliance and the customer experience is the static that’s created from needing to fill out forms and checking boxes for compliance matters, but if you can make it an integrated part of whatever experience they are going through, the two will not only be able to co-exist, but with the right approach they will be able to nurture each other.

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2024 Drata Customer Excellence Awards

At the 2024 Drataverse five customers were recognized on stage.

The recipients were:

  1. Metadata, for leveraging automation to enhance operational efficiency, streamline workflows, and optimize their role.
  2. Wiz for inspiring others to elevate operational standards.
  3. Workramp for achieving remarkable growth and success through the team’s compliance program this past year.
  4. Sign In Solutions, for proactively building trust with their customers and prospects.

Each winner was selected because they met high standards in managing their GRC programs and have contributed to pushing the industry standards forward and helping encourage a broader adoption of best practices in security and compliance.

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