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Global supplier reboots operations with custom security platform

Global supplier reboots operations with custom security platform Photo

Veeco, a global capital equipment supplier, had a variety of facility visitors, from employees to contractors to essential visitors. Veeco needed a custom security platform to offer a better experience for each visitor while running background checks to ensure unwanted visitors weren’t entering their facility.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, thousands of companies were forced to shutter operations. Veeco was shut down for only a single day. One day later, they got right back to work, busier than ever, trying to meet the global demand for 5G processors.

Veeco could return to work quickly because new health screening questions were inserted into their visitor sign-in process. If a visitor was approved to enter the building, a background check was then conducted using an integrated 3rd party watchlist, Visual Compliance.

When they turned to Sign In Enterprise’s Workforce Security Platform, they built in layers of customized experiences based on the type of person coming to their facility using flexible, low-code tools. That was something they were not able to do with their previous system.

A custom experience for each type of visitor

Veeco made the switch to Sign In Enterprise in large because of the ease of use the custom security platform brought to visitor management, enabling them to make adjustments to their visitor experiences quickly, without needing to phone in for technical support.

Visitors completed a sign-in experience answering questions about themselves and who they are, such as a contractor, a Veeco employee, and even job applicants. Based on their profile, the system provides an experience path each visitor will travel down. 

Veeco also takes photos of the visitors, scans IDs, and has visitors select the host who receives an email or text message alert that a visitor had arrived for them. Veeco even made their custom security platform send the visitor a welcome email, which included the Wifi password for the building, and informed them that their host would meet them shortly.

Integration with Visual Compliance

The Veeco team built background screening into their experiences as well through the Visual Compliance integration. Veeco had to meet the Department of Transportation’s requirements due to the chemistry and chemicals on their sites.

Visitors scanned their IDs into their custom security platform, which instantly checked their information and other data they entered, against various security lists through the Visual Compliance integration. If a match was returned, an alert was sent to hosts, and the visitor would be denied access to the facility. 

Customization: a key benefit

With Sign In Enterprise, Veeco created better visitor experiences with their custom security platform that kept their employees safe throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform automated their ability to maintain compliance standards by performing background checks through the Visual Compliance integration. 

Sign In Enterprise’s Workforce Security Platform replaced Veeco’s out-of-date system with a powerful low-code option, providing Veeco with complete control over the visitor experience for each type of visitor across any of their five locations, all from one central location.

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