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Food processor finds success using Sign In Enterprise to screen contractors

Food processor finds success using Sign In Enterprise to screen contractors Photo

Bonduelle, a food processing manufacturer, has formed strong relationships with many of their contractors, often trusting that contractors are adhering to necessary compliance requirements. However, without a formal visitor entry system or contractor management system in place, contractors with good reputations and long standing relationships might be let into a facility, even if all required documentation was not submitted.

Owen Poel, Manager of Human Resources, wanted to establish a formal compliance process for contractors, ensuring that each contractor that came into their facilities was compliant with any regulations, and was in good standing with Bonduelle. It was also a way for Bonduelle to raise the expectations at the floor level, which led to developing higher health and safety policy standards.

“It formalizes everything, and it gives the process that sense of importance,” said Poel. “They know, before their visit even begins, what the expectations are and that if it is formal right when they sign in, it’s probably going to be formal when they’re working on the floor and when we come to check up on them.”

Bonduelle set up auto-renewals in Contractor Compliance that sends reminders for safety and insurance slips that must be re-entered every six months as part of a new formalized process. If contractors fail to respond to these renewals, Sign In Enterprise’s visitor management system denies them access to the facility until they provide the updated documents.

“For a brand new contractor, we can get in touch with them and say they are obligated to register in Contractor Compliance,” said Poel. “Once they sign in, it’s obvious with the checklist which items
they need to submit. If they don’t complete the full submission, upon arrival, when they sign-in, the system will not clear them for entry until we receive the requested information.”

Success in the results

For Poel and Bonduelle, deploying the Sign In Enterprise Workforce Security Platform, along with the Contractor Compliance partner integration, has provided more clarity into the contractors entering each facility. Through a consistent process, they’ve been able to create a formal routine without burdening operational staff.

With deployments at more than 10 of their facilities, Bonduelle standardized their visitor entry on the Sign In Enterprise platform. They now have an established a professional look for the company with the centrally managed with fully branded iPad kiosks.

“Our security program conveys a sense of formality to the contractors, and hopefully, they get that same sense of formality or professionalism in working with the individual project managers,” said Poel. “Whether it’s an employee, auditors, or candidates for job interviews, when they come in and sign-in on the iPad, they have a fully branded, customized experience highlighting our professional company image and setting the relationship off on the right foot.”

Download the Case Study on how Bonduelle processes contractor entry through Sign In Enterprise and contractor integration to learn more.

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