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How email templates help customize Visitor Management System (VMS) rollouts

How email templates help customize Visitor Management System (VMS) rollouts Photo

Admittedly, we are pretty stoked about our latest release! You can now design custom email templates for different visitor types and host groups - all in line with your brand.

We recognize how vital consistent design and relevant communication are in creating a memorable guest experience. With that in mind, our team has developed a mind-blowing Email Template Editor that allows you to take control of the layout, branding, and content of any type of notification.

Notifications are a critical element of guest management. They help make the experience seamless for the visitor and the host. Ranging from invites ahead of a visit, host notifications confirming that the guest has arrived, emails providing information to visitors after signing in, or security alerts - all of these messages have a unique purpose and require a carefully designed email template.

Working with large enterprises worldwide, we also know that branding plays a big role in communication. We, therefore, want to give you the tools to make a lasting impression on the customers, prospects, or partners visiting your offices. With the Email Template Editor, you can build whatever fits your brand and vision.

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We're not going to lie, developing email solutions is tedious! With so many email providers out there, our developers juggled many variables and worked hard to build the most customizable and intuitive solution for administrators. With the simple drag & drop interface, you can now pull different elements into a template, such as a photo from the sign-in record, a map of the office location, or the names of the hosts you are meeting.

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