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Consistent compliance a top priority for StandardAero

Consistent compliance a top priority for StandardAero Photo

Whenever someone from Boeing, Lockheed Martin or Honeywell walks into one of StandardAero’s facilities, they are met with the same, consistent and compliant experience — supported by Sign In Enterprise’s visitor management system. 

The consistent experience gives StandardAero - one of the leading independent aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul companies with over 40 locations worldwide - a competitive edge over their competitors. This goes beyond typical security objectives, helping the company win more maintenance contracts because of how they manage each visitor’s experience at their facilities.

A complicated manual process

Prior to using Sign In Enterprise, StandardAero relied on manual processes for visitor management and compliance. Further complicating things was that each of their over 40 locations had their own process, so nothing was standardized or consistent across the entire organization. 

After reviewing Sign In Enterprise’s platform, StandardAero rolled out the first pilot program at their Cincinnati location, testing the application for three months to ensure the screening and log-in was working appropriately. StandardAero also wanted to ensure that the on-site administrators were fully trained in how to use the system, and how to make adjustments to the system when they needed to.

This included an on-site installation and training session at their Export Services Representative Training Seminar to brief the company on the system prior to roll-out so that everyone understood the direction StandardAero was taking concerning visitor control. 

They rolled out Sign In Enterprise to all of their other sites once they saw that the system was going to be successful for their business, including the important aspect of visitor screening. This was the most important part of the visitor management system. In order to be consistently compliant, they would need to screen everyone coming on-site; in general, raise the awareness of what visitor control was for each facility.

Consistent compliance as a top priority

StandardAero’s maintenance contracts for aircraft and rotorcraft engines range from commercial aviation companies, such as American Airlines, to military contracts with the Air Force. Due to strict compliance rules in the aviation industry, consistent compliance is one of the top priorities for the team at StandardAero. 

Government bodies, from the Department of Commerce, Department of State and the Federal Aviation Administration and other aviation agencies throughout the regions in which they operate, put heavy emphasis on regulatory compliance, such as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) for military compliance.

This has required StandardAero to increase their level of sophistication in how they manage their visitor policy, who is allowed on their sites, and who can access the aircraft engines in their possession. The challenge, however, was how to maintain compliance and maintain visitor logs across multiple locations and companies under the StandardAero name. 

Deploying Sign In Enterprise

The compliance team at StandardAero deployed Sign In Enterprise across their entire company, and what they got in return was two-fold—compliance and consistency. Now, at any of StandardAero’s facilities across the world, non-employees are met with the same centrally managed experience. When it came to visitor management, StandardAero were able to standardize the organization on one platform, providing the same experience each time a guest enters a facility.

Because StandardAero works with controlled goods, it is required to hand over their visitor list to government agency inspectors, such as the State Department and Defense Security Agency. These departments are required to monitor and vet all visitors coming to one of their facilities. With Sign In Enterprise, StandardAero are able to easily provide a digital visitor log upon request, which maintains their ITAR compliances and keeps them performing maintenance on aircraft engines.

Automating watchlists

As part of their screening process for visitors, guests are run through a federal watchlist check, ensuring that those coming in are the correct invitees, and are validated as safe to enter. 

Prior to using Sign In Enterprise, StandardAero relied on site reps at each location manually checking each person coming into their facility against their denied parties list. Now, as part of their compliance obligations, each visitor is run through Sign In Enterprise’s watchlist integration, scanning multiple databases to ensure the highest level of security is achieved, without any manual process that could lead to an error.

Keeping business up in the air

With a visitor management system in place, the StandardAero team can focus on what is critical to the operation of the company; maintaining compliance with the many government agencies they have to deal with. 

Not complying with regulations could have resulted in being fined or penalized, potentially closing down many of its businesses. StandardAero leveraged Sign In Enterprise to give them a competitive advantage by standardizing their visitor management across 40 locations, all while remaining compliant.

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