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Two-pronged approach to visitor management: airport-grade security with a red carpet experience

Two-pronged approach to visitor management: airport-grade security with a red carpet experience Photo

How good does that sound? Airport-grade security without the headaches that typically accompany traveling. Imagine arriving at the airport for an international flight and being guided through security. Once your passport and ticket are validated, an airport-approved employee is ready to usher you to your gate.

Elevating the visitor experience
Now, take your best day at the airport (the security and the seamless experience) and translate it to the visitor experience for your office or facility. Sign In Enterprise takes high-quality ID scanning technology and pairs it with the iPad-based sign-in experience to create a two-pronged visitor management experience. The two components are:

  • Assisted-Check-In (ACI) to give security personnel the tools necessary to quickly validate government ID and scan company watchlists before permitting visitors to enter the facilities.
  • Self-Check-In (SCI) to allow organizations to build sign-in experiences that guide visitors through unique check-in processes, which can include signing documents or notifying a host.

Together, ACI and SCI guide each visitor through the sign-in process based on your organization's unique requirements. For instance, a visitor could verify their identification at the security gate, then sign an NDA and take a photo in the lobby.

Why did we build this?
Many organizations are trying to combine these two processes on their own to meet compliance requirements. Unfortunately, they face a significant gap by trying to make two very rigid processes - validating government ID and following check-in protocol - fit together without leveraging a common technology.

Combining Sign In Enterprise's ID scanner-enabled ACI with the iPad-based SCI gives enterprise organizations the ability to:

With an integrated approach, enterprises are able to meet stringent visitor security requirements with greater speed, accuracy and control.

How it works
We partnered with Gemalto to bring assisted check-in to enterprise organizations that need to manage and increase the security of high-visitor traffic. Sign In Enterprise CTO Cameron Wiebe explains: “For each visitor to these sites, security personnel have to record the guest’s name, validate their ID, check them against any number of watchlists and then keep that person’s identity and personal information confidential. With a traditional paper logbook, this is extremely difficult, if not impossible.”

Want to see it in action?
If you'd like to learn more about how our two-pronged approach to visitor management can help your organization increase security through an effortless sign-in experience, visit our website.

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