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5 Things you may never have considered around Visitor Management

5 Things you may never have considered around Visitor Management Photo

Implementing anything is a real hassle. Nobody has time or money. Let’s cut to the chase and highlight 5 reasons why visitor management projects fail and make their project sponsors’ lives hell.

1. Language requirements

You roll out a Visitor Management Platform to one of your offices, and then you get the call. Your company has been acquired, it’s opened a new office, or just decided that you need to ask that question. Make it easy for the visitor to choose which language they’d like to use to sign in.

2. Audits and compliance

Either you knew about them before or a new regulatory requirement has come down.

  • Distinct badges (Who would have thought you needed to print a badge with the host they’re visiting, time stamp)
  • The ability to produce a historical report of sign-ins, including the legal documents they may have signed
  • New legal documents that need to be signed for a specific kind of visitor
  • Introduction of a new legal template to all the locations globally (if one generic document won’t do)
  • For specific legal documents, the ability to send an email copy of the signed document to multiple recipients
  • The ability to counter-sign a legal document during check-in to make it a valid legal binding document

3. That personal touch

  • Remember beverage choices (Imagine the delight of a visitor who receives a coffee just as they like it.)
  • Let the visitor type in their license plate number to avoid a tow
  • Keep a record of the latest safety educational videos watched by the visitor and notify _
  • Make employee onboarding a seamless experience; ask newbies to sign documents, watch company onboarding videos and notify their hiring manager to let them know they’re there

4. Photos

Some people don’t like paparazzi and for those who don’t have a following many have their own reasons for not wanting a photo.

Secure locations may have photo requirements, and you may need to set different options for your various visitors. Choose a platform that allows you as many options are needed for a smooth experience, especially in the case when multiple photos need to be taken (ex. picture ID, facial, boots, hats, etc). You can set who must take a photo under what circumstance. For example, friends and family may not need a photo while interviewees are a must. Whatever the decision, violate this sensitive topic and you can be sure you’ll be backpedaling and protecting the technology that you chose.

Getting it done quickly with as few people as possible

People are busy, so choosing a platform that allows you to roll out as many devices as possible is important. Roll out isn’t the only thing to consider. Once it’s out there you can’t bring it back. Being able to make one update and have it automatically apply to as many devices as desired is key. Seeing which version lives on all devices will make life easier.

6. Branding

What happens when your company expands with a different brand in another location? How do you keep your marketing harmonious when it comes to the different logos, font colors and palettes?

Locations in different countries may require a different look and feel for local visitors. Waiting for developers and paying more for customizations isn’t an option.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it…
Are these problems vexing enough to warrant fear, uncertainty and doubt in you? We certainly hope so. All right, we’re kidding. However, we speak with customers all day long who’ve deployed apps that look good and seem to check off the right boxes but they don’t consider the points listed above.

In our platform development, we strive toward introducing the features and functionality that will make certain our sponsors look good for choosing us. Call us if you want to see the latest. We’d love to show you our platform and why we focus on the experience beyond “you’re here; now what?”

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