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The complete guide to calculating the ROI of a Visitor Management System

The evolution from simple visitor management point solutions to broader workforce security platforms is happening, as businesses address increasingly complex security problems that touch on broader stakeholder groups. Single Visitor Management Systems (VMS) can solve entry problems; however, enterprise organizations require a more robust system in place to handle health, safety, and security issues for employees, contractors, and visitors.

Traditional VMS point solutions were limited in their scope. Today, modern workforce security platforms directly provide, or can integrate across, multiple functions to offer a solution of greater value. Reducing the total spend on software, management, automation, customizations and maintenance, and allowing for increased investment in other areas of need.

In this solution guide, we explore the typical costs involved in such a deployment, and define the benefits—both tangible and intangible—an organization can expect upon implementation. We will guide you through the process of finding the value of a VMS investment.

ROI calculations for an enterprise
Visitor Management System includes:

Operational efficiencies 

With a VMS, 75%* of users experience increased efficiency when signing visitors in, and 84%* of companies see an increase in operational efficiency.

Hidden costs

Quantifying the resources and investment needed to implement a VMS can seem daunting. Some costs may be unforeseen and are intangible. However, it is crucial to understand the total investment of an initiative before getting started.

Cost of non-compliance

The cost of non-compliance can cause irreparable harm to a business. Infractions could lead to fines, legal action, seizures, and damage to brand reputation, not to mention the legal and compliance resources required to address these issues.

Access to centralized visitor data  

This data can be crucial in risk mitigation regarding health and safety for employees, legal and compliance inquiries, or reducing human error.

Enterprise automation

A modern solutions workflows can be developed to produce greater efficiencies for security operators, administrators, functional leaders, and other stakeholders.


Here is a preview of the calculators available in this solution guide that will guide you to an accurate valuation of the ROI for a Visitor Management System:

Reception check-in benefits

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The complete guide to calculating the ROI of a Visitor Management System

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