Best practices for your employee return to work strategy

Protect your workforce and ensure business continuity.

As organizations begin calling staff back to the workplace, business leaders need to navigate the complexity of re-opening and re-integrating their workforce and essential visitors into their facility safely and securely. Organizations are faced with questions about the future of workplace safety, as the return to traditional workplaces has uncovered many unforeseen and new risks in the time of COVID-19. 

In a global economy where organizations have operations or supply chains around the globe with a distributed workforce, business leaders must be forward-thinking to better manage COVID related risks with a proactive approach. They need to respond and adapt their protective measures for duty of care for people’s health and well-being, safeguard their operations, and ensure their business continuity. This must be at the forefront of every employer’s return to work strategy. 

View this webinar and learn about flexible, safe employee and visitor entry solutions to control facility access, manage capacity and screen staff to reduce your organization’s risk, and help bring staff back to your facility safely and confidently.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • Current and future measures for advancing duty of care and compliance and risk approaches
  • New considerations for return to work to help drive employee and customer loyalty
  • Recommendations for working with the right solution partners for success

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