Addressing new risks post-COVID-19: How the enterprise needs to re-imagine security

As organizations begin calling staff back to the workplace, security leaders need to navigate the complexity of re-integrating a workforce and essential workers into their facility safely and securely. With new requirements for a pandemic response to a pandemic “renewal” process including health screening questions, vaccination or health attestations, liability waivers, and hygiene stations play a critical role in the re-entry process. Organizations are faced with questions about the future of workplace safety, as the return to traditional workplaces has uncovered many unforeseen and new risks in the time of COVID-19.

What lessons have been learned over the past year, and what current security trends can be applied by security professionals as they think through the next stage in their strategic plans?

View this on-demand webinar and discover how operations, facilities, HR, and security staff are implementing solutions to support a more inclusive security approach and preparing for unknown and unforeseen threats beyond the pandemic.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • Current and future measures for advancing security measures for employees and contingent workforces  
  • New safety and compliance considerations to help organizations prepare and support the workplace of the future 
  • Recommendations for working with the right solution partners for building organizational resilience
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