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Visitor data belongs in your CRM

Visitor data belongs in your CRM Photo

Unlock the power of your CRM's customer data with the Sign In Enterprise Visitor Management System

Every Salesforce user should know about guest data. That's why we’re going to Dreamforce, the annual mega-conference that Salesforce hosts in San Francisco: to share our story with all the Salesforce users we can find (and there will be about 170 000 of them).

Our CEO Keith Metcalfe will even take the stage for a session called “What do Salesforce, Netflix and ThermoFisher have in common? Guest Data”. To make sure you don't miss it, follow this link and put it in your calendar.

Get a real Customer 360 with Sign In Enterprise and Salesforce

You track your customers’ digital activity because it’s easy, but how often do you fail to capture the most important customer experience there is — face-to-face encounters — simply because you lack the tools?

The most important customer intel lives in the physical world—in handshakes, eye contact and words said off-the-cuff. But if you don't bring that information into the digital world, you can't use it.

Thankfully, the Sign In Enterprise visitor management system (VMS) helps you glean that vital information from real life and use it in your analytics, turning the physical into the digital.

Salesforce needs data-Quality AND data-Quantity

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Think about your Salesforce Org. Once a contact is in your system, you can look up and cross-reference almost anything. But how did they get there? One way or another, you probably had to physically type all your new contacts’ information into the system. The same goes for all the fields you need to fill. It’s a tedious, never-ending task.

Now imagine using an application that verifies a visitor’s identity and notifies you of their arrival, while prompting them to answer a set of questions you design yourself.

Then, before your visitor has even sat down in the conference room, your system has already automatically loaded all that information into Salesforce. If they weren't a contact, they instantly become one. If they are, their profile is updated with any new information. And remember all those customized questions you asked? You can funnel them into any Salesforce field you choose.

All of this leaves you with a real-time, living, breathing record of every person you meet. You are limited only by the information you gather.

To dig deeper into this process, check out our Salesforce Integration Page or watch this video.

Traction on Demand loves guest data

A great example of this is the way our sister company, Traction on Demand, uses Sign In Enterprise for their own Dreamforce campaign. We are the tool they use to collect information on their new contacts and instantly upload it into Salesforce.

Not only do we make it easier for them to follow up with new leads, we also empower them to use Einstein Analytics and other Salesforce features to find out which initiatives, locations, and events result in the best leads.

For more on this, check out this post on their blog or watch this video.

The future does not belong to those with the most data

It belongs to the people who know what information to collect and how to use it.

If you’d like to know more about owning the future, we hope you’ll find us at our Dreamforce booth (number 1819) or at any of our Dreamforce events, which you can find here.

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